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ACM Group Ltd actions high-quality debt collection and acquires non-performing debt ledgers.

ACM Group Ltd – Seeking a high quality service in legal debt collection? Effective, legally compliant debt collection is important to the success of businesses in multiple sectors.  If debtors are slow in repaying what they owe it can have a severely negative impact on the cash-flow of their creditors.  A debtor’s poor financial management should never rightly affect the profitability of a creditor, but in reality it often does and pursuing irresponsible debtors can just place further strain on time and staff resources.  An experienced debt collector can ensure debts are recovered legally and substantially reduce the cost of recovery to creditors by actioning best-practice techniques in efficiency and efficacy.

ACM Group Ltd is a company dedicated to premium quality debt recovery for a blue-chip clientele numbering major banks and telecommunications providers.  ACM Group Ltd has over 30 years of experience within the Australian debt collection industry and can recover debts quickly and effectively by constructing manageable repayment plans with consumers that are fully compliant with ASIC and ACCC guidelines.  At ACM Group Ltd, we specialise in implementing state-of-the-art debt collection strategies and technology to ensure that companies can recoup their outstanding debts without wasting time and resources pursuing their debtors for payment.


ACM Group Ltd Purchases and Actions Effective Recovery of Non-Performing Debt Ledgers


In addition to its debt collection portfolio, ACM Group Ltd is also one of Australia’s largest names in the professional acquisition of non-performing debt-ledgers.  Specialising in credit card debts, personal loan debts and telecommunications accounts, ACM Group Ltd purchased its first non-performing debt ledger from a leading international financial institution in 2000.  The success of our early purchases led ACM Group Ltd to officially shift its focus towards the debt purchasing industry in 2005 and we have since made a name for ourselves as one of Australia’s largest and most respected acquirers of non-performing debt ledgers.  ACM Group Ltd actions non-performing debt ledgers across multiple industry sectors and utilises best-practice techniques in legally compliant debt collection to action efficient and effective debt recovery.

ACM Group Ltd is committed to full compliance with all Regulators’ Acts and Guidelines, including the ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines, NCCP Act, Privacy Act, Trade Practices Act and Corporations Act. Additionally, ACM Group Ltd is a member of Credit Ombudsman Services Limited (COSL) – an External Dispute Resolution (EDR) body dedicated to ensuring that complaints are addressed with support of consumers’ rights.  ACM Group Ltd makes certain that best-practice standards of behaviour and ethical business practices are upheld by our business and employees at all times. ACM Group Ltd is a Quality Certified organisation – first securing Quality Certification in 1997, before upgrading to International Standard ISO 9001:2000 in August of 2003.  In 2009, ACM Group Ltd upgraded its Quality Certification again to International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

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